Friday 3 August 2012

Photoshoot Session: Where is Kuala Lumpur? A Kuala Lumpur Photo Shoot Tour PART 2

While still mesmerised by the wonders of the different cultures and races exist in this area, we wandered through the infamous Petaling Street, also known as the Chinatown.

Chinatown stays true to its icon – being dingy, messy and having an euphoria of Chinese food choices at virtually every single corner of the street, but we found it to be unique and has its own characteristic charm.


Just take a look at the photo above, it is as if it is shot right out from the movie set. The whole area is definitely a photographic heaven for street photographer!

Having shamelessly self proclaimed my undying love towards the Great Britain, I ushered my mate to the Moorish style British colonial train station which is situated a stone throw away from the Chinatown. And trust me, you might still be able to have a whiff of that British train fetish romantism lingering around this building.



Unfortunately due to the lack of regular upkeep of certain area in the building and also the untactful renovation, the charm of this building is slowly fading away together with the flow of time. It is such a pity that the form has to make way for practicality and development. I reckon we should learn one thing or two from the British to tastefully make renovation on heritage buildings. One of the several excellent examples is the National Museum in Great Russell Street, London.

By citing, one of the must do things while you are in Kuala Lumpur is to have a fish spa. Frankly I have never come across such novelty until my HK mate pointed that out. After walking for the whole morning in the hot and humid weather, we thought that is not such a bad idea after all to be pampered by the fishes. But we were wrong.

My ticklish mate’s feet were literally attacked by those little creatures. The feeling described by any of the fish spa goers would be: ticklish, and that doesn’t translate into naughtily ticklish. It is roughly RM 30 a pop and you can have this out of the world experience for 30 minutes.


We spent our afternoon away from the torturous fishes and heat in some of the largest shopping malls in the city while waiting patiently for the sun to set, as our next destination is best shot in the evening.

Yes, the obligatory photoshoot of the KLCC twin tower.I have seen too many bog sized images of the twin towers circulating on the net, so I decided to bring my mate to a secret location to get a different perspective.

DSC04073 sepia

While seeing tall buildings is as basic as breathing to my HK mate, I was slightly disappointed with what the KL night cityscape has to offer. Anyhow, my mate and I exchanged tips and skills while busy shooting away to our heart contents until the security personals have to remind us it was getting rather late and we have to pack up our camera kits and leave the building.

Check out my Hong Kong night cityscape photo.



We wrapped up that day’s photography tour and were excited about the third and the last day of the photography tour of KL. So what’s next? Stay tuned for more.


“Some quirky wooden bookmarks as seen in the new Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.”


  1. I was wondering where's the secret location you shot KLCC from! :D

    Spider-Man 3D Floor Graphic

  2. The fish spa photo is so clear :)

  3. Charmaine: Ah ha... It's the secret location in the central of KL. That's all I can reveal. ;)

    Choi Yen: Thanks! :)

  4. Wow love the photos of twin tower! :)

  5. SuFang: Thank you very much! Do come back for more exciting photos! :)

  6. i remember the alley at petaling street :) i used to hunt for food there

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  7. Fish: Hehe, good that you remember it! :)