Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Revisited Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang, Malaysia

All thanks to the frolicking of social media and its ease of use, I noticed the trend of sharing information between people has shifted from blogosphere to Facebook and Twitters. Admittedly, I too has been part of the paradigm shift recently whereby I posted up photos soon after the photo shootings. The ease of sharing and with the almost immediate responses from your friends are simply amazing.

However, nothing beats the blog that enable you to share your artworks with the public and searchable through Google, right? I reckon it still has its magic.

Anyway, I made a quick trip to Penang island recently and re-shot the beach photos as I reckon I can improve the outcome of the shooting result. AND here they are! You may compare it with the first result I had, shot in about 2 years ago. Enjoy!


Sunset Shot – White Balance set at daylight and F16. Loving the warmth of this shot!


Lomo effect of Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang. Added Provia film effect. Especially for the lomo lovers out there!


Peaceful reading by the sea.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Photograph Exhibition for Charity 2012 (PEC 2012), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

When is the last time you visited a photography exhibition? Moreover, a charity based photography exhibition?

Well now this is a rare chance for you to visit one especially if you reside in Malaysia. Galaxy Group of Companies and EPSON are organising a photograph exhibition for charity aiming to raise fund for the National Kidney Foundation.

You will not only be able to admire the photograph works from photographers of West and East Malaysia, getting inspirations from the exhibits and make a few friends from the fellow photographers circle (Yes! Some of them will be there to curate their exhibits); you will be able to purchase the “art piece” and the proceedings will go towards the National Kidney Foundation.

Doesn’t it make you feel good to become a proud owner of the amazing photographs and at the same time knowing that you are lending a hand to the needy one through the National Kidney Foundation?

Just so you know, some of my photo shots will be exhibited in that event too. I bet if you love the photographs in my website, you will be loving the ones in that exhibition!

Mark your calendar now and don’t miss it! See you there!


Friday, 3 August 2012

Photoshoot Session: Where is Kuala Lumpur? A Kuala Lumpur Photo Shoot Tour PART 2

While still mesmerised by the wonders of the different cultures and races exist in this area, we wandered through the infamous Petaling Street, also known as the Chinatown.

Chinatown stays true to its icon – being dingy, messy and having an euphoria of Chinese food choices at virtually every single corner of the street, but we found it to be unique and has its own characteristic charm.


Just take a look at the photo above, it is as if it is shot right out from the movie set. The whole area is definitely a photographic heaven for street photographer!

Having shamelessly self proclaimed my undying love towards the Great Britain, I ushered my mate to the Moorish style British colonial train station which is situated a stone throw away from the Chinatown. And trust me, you might still be able to have a whiff of that British train fetish romantism lingering around this building.



Saturday, 16 June 2012

Photoshoot Session: Where is Kuala Lumpur? A Kuala Lumpur Photo Shoot Tour

Not too long ago, I welcomed my Hong Kong mate visit to Malaysia once again. And this time around, his travel itinerary revolved around the capital city of Kuala Lumpur in which the locals rather love to call it as KL.
Since my mate shares the similar interest with me – photography. His short trip has been heavily laced with unique photography spots in KL.
Right, first stop is the must-have Kuala Lumpur old city tour. We started off the journey from the Klang River side, walking towards the Central Market and its adjacent area for some street photography actions.


The view of the pseudo-old Kuala Lumpur downtown where the city started its root in the mid 1800s, in which in my opinion, is rather young if compared with other countries. Some say the Klang River in KL is equally comparable to the Seine River in Paris… For me, I think that is rather an over statement for Klang River and at the same time undermining the beauty of the Seine River…Ha!!!
We were blessed attacked by the hot sunny day. But at least the light is not too harsh to get some rather nice shots! Yeah, and I lied when I said we were going for the street photography theme. I slipped back to my old habit of snapping the architecture of the buildings. Somehow I fonder the brick and mortar than human.


Monday, 12 March 2012

Kuala Lumpur Mid Valley, The Garden, One Utama

Unlike in Europe, Malaysian people love to throng air-conditioned shopping malls to spend their weekends rather than lying around in the parks or garden under the scorching hot sun.
It is forgivable though as myself tried to stay true to my “outdoor” loving culture but ended up having sunburns. People just prefer to stay comfortable in the temperature controlled malls while shopping, sipping away their coffees and tucking in their cakes.
Sadly, by confining one self in those so called mega malls does has its down sides especially on the landscape and nature photography skills. There are no more natural tree lines that makes up a perfect perspective and leads the viewers eyes to the main subject, there are no more eye soothing greeneries or snow capped plants to be shot…

Monday, 20 February 2012

Cityscape of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

As the process of finding the best photography shooting technique in Malaysia has passed more than 300 days, I hereby proudly present to you the result of the camera technique “soul searching”. Hope you enjoy admiring the photos as much as I shot them.


Moody cloudy days.


Sunray through the hazy clouds