Sunday, 16 January 2011

Being Alone in a Romantic Venice, Italy

       After watching The Tourist which starred by the sexy Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, the memory of the dreamy yet romantic Venice kept floating in my mind. I remember the first time I was at Piazza San Marco in the evening. It’s stars lit night accompanied by the romantic live classical band playing in the background, while couples holding each other dancing gracefully to the music, I strolled to the pier and saw the magnificent San Giorgio Church seems floating above the sea. The whole scenery was so magnificent that it moved me to tears. This is the first time in my whole life that such a wonderful place managed to make me shed tears of appreciation and so moved by the perfect picture of Venice.

       I always love Paris and thought that that is the most romantic place on earth, but the ladies I met while in the train towards Venice told me: “Venice will be the eternal love city that you will never forget in your life.” I couldn’t agree more. Ah Venice, I will hold you forever in my heart and I hope in my next visit, I will bring my other half to indulge in this eternally love city(you know who you are ;) ).



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Monday, 10 January 2011

Red Telephone Box in snow, London



The recent news of severe snow weather disruption in Europe reminded me of some of the snow photographs I took while in UK.

The most memorable one should be the one above where I shot it while crossing the road in Bayswater Road to the nearby park in search of that “amazing” shot. But opportunity came knocking on my door while crossing the road, so I took a quick shot while walking towards the walkway with my old trusty Canon Powershot A85 (yes, a 4 Megapixels camera!) and I have that golden shot!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Night cityscape, Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong



After two days of persistent waiting at the avenue of stars in Hong Kong, I finally managed to get a superb shot of the business district. I was lucky at that time that not only the notorious fog at the area has been dissipated, the wonderfully formed clouds with the slightly reddish glow of the sunset added the dramatic note to this photo.

Even though I have the horizontal line accidentally tilted while using the Gorilla pod that cling to the pedestrian side rail, I decided not to adjust it in PS to retain the originality of the photo. My feeling at that time was overwhelmed with the sense of awe. This is the best cityscape I ever witness in my life (so far).


Another shot with the screen estate dedicated to the dramatic sky.