Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Huawei Honor 3C Phone Review Malaysia

Huawei Honor 3C Phone – Are you building up an appetite for a Chinese meal, I mean a Chinese made phone?
While I was on the road traveling for vacation or on business purpose, I rely heavily on my phone to not only get my location bearings, getting those emails for my flights and hotel bookings, BUT also getting myself entertained along the journey.
As an avid traveller and also photographer,  what I wanted in a phone is reliability, a fairly usable phone without the need to fiddle the user manual can be used on the go and doesn’t need to live nearby the power outlet so very often. Pricing that doesn’t break a hole in the pocket is always largely welcomed.
I came to find out that in fact Huawei Honor 3C fit my bills nicely with all the bells and whistles.
I was sceptical at fist on whether the real phone is as good as what it has advertised? So I took a plunge to try out this phone to check and see whether it passes the real travel world test.
I have summarized the pros and the cons of this phone after the jump from the following photo for your easy references.  Let’s continue to find out how it fares.
  • Extremely value for money – For RM499. It is extremely affordable.
  • Good build quality and light weight at 140g. 
  • Bright screen, can be used under the extreme sun light. Excellent while on the move. Great colour reproduction. Pleasing to the eye.
  • Nifty build in apps – i.e. Network Manager app that control which apps that can access the network data. Phone manager app can optimise phone system to save more battery power while still in remote travel location. .
  • Dual sims. One that support HSDPA+, another that support EDGE. Fantastic during travel, can slot in the local country sim card while leaving your home country sim card in the phone. By using this method, you can receive text messages from your family members and friends on your home country sim for free. You can pick which sim to be used for mobile broadband data connection.
  • GPS works well.
  • No lagging and sluggishness of phone detected even with a few large app open in the background. 2GB ROM must be working very well.
  • Camera works well. Can be used as a second backup camera. Real life test photos will be uploaded here soon.
  • Better than average batter life. Last 1.5 days with broadband and wifi Internet connected. Moderate usage of Facebook, WhatsApp, calls, text messages and Web browsing.
  • Loud speaker is good enough and can be used as speakerphone without issue.
  • DTS effect for audio. Sounds impressive if used together with better pair of earphones . Bundled earphone leaves much to be desired. The phone will get you entertained while waiting for a flight, trains or transiting bus.
  • As it is higher risk of losing the phone and it's content during traveling time, Huawei cloud plus comes in handy to tackle this issue. It synchronises contact (Google can auto sync this, android readily available function), backup photos, call log and other data, locate phone function. Useful especially during travel. Data backup is auto executed when phone is connected to a power supply and wifi network.  Cloud photos auto sync photo over wifi.
  • Slight sloppiness in design – You will need to remove the battery as the location of the sim cards and SD card slots are slightly obstructed by the battery.The logo placement of Huawei in the power brick is upside down.
  • Voice from speaker slightly lagging in volume.
  • Stock email app doesn't support Hotmail.
  • The placement of return button and menu button has been swapped places. No back light for the buttons.
  • When battery is removed to swap sim cards, the date and time will switched back to Jan 1 2007 12am. However, the date and time will be automatically adjusted after the phone has detected local service provider signal and setting.
There you go, so far I am satisfied with my purchase and it serves me well. Time will tell whether it is indeed a reliable phone. Next up! The photo output from the phone, and more travel journey real life test.


  1. Lagging when playing youtube vids.. do u face the same?

  2. Hello Keith, If you are using the Youtube App, you will notice the video and audio are not in sync. The workaround is to use Google Chrome and browse to youtube website. In that way, there will be no such issue. Thanks.

  3. when can you upload your picture samples from HonorC, I'm really interested with this phone...gonna choose this baby as my 1st smartphone :)