Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Year of 2014 – A year of reflection

Year of 2014 is certainly a year of reflection of oneself, a year of re-evaluation of my whole life purpose and values which I always stand for and valued for.

I can’t emphasize enough that 2013 seems to be flying off the shelve, time was running so fast that I don’t even have the luxury to sit quietly with a cool, clear mind to think about the future.

But all thanks to that tiny pockets of free time lately --- those midnight chat with my partner, those get together with close mates and the series of incidents: Receiving news of passing of close relatives (to heaven); mate’s aunt who was seriously ill and lose the quality of life and the ex neighbour that had a stroke which strike the unsuspecting family’s morality. And the most recent incident where I have never expect that my ex-colleague’s brother is in the fatal MH370 flight…

All these occurrences have made me thinking, are you living your life today to the fullest as if it is your last? You will never know when it is your calling (to leave this world), there will be no foreword warning most of the time…

So let me ask you this… when is the last time you have been telling your parents, or family you love them? What about your mates? When is the last time you meet them all? Any phone calls? Did you spend more time with them or just indulging your time in work or some superficial entertainments, can’t be bothered to even pick up the phone to reach your loves one?

Perhaps now it is time to pick up the phone and call your loves one, telling your mates you love and care for them… to spend more time with everyone that you love and care, before it is too late.

I inspired to pen all these feeling down after watching the movie “The Journey”, which struck my heart and feelings, hence this post followed by photo showcase of my hometown- Penang shot during the last Spring festival. Penang is full of nostalgia to me and hopefully the photos will show you a bit of my roots.

And to my family and my mates from all over the world, just want to say I love you all and I do care and think about you too. Let’s meet up whenever we have some free time ok? Cheers!


Those little square unit apartments are home sweet home to many families.


The iconic and unmistaken KOMTAR building in Georgetown.


A typical pre-war building.


There is always something behind those windows.


Let’s have cakes, and reflection of cakes.


Cosy cafe in Georgetown. My hometown is transformed for the better.


Art gallery above the cafe. Would love to have my photos exhibit there someday.


Wall mural galore


Friends get together-- no need fancy dresses, no need pretentious food. Just good chats, that’s bliss.


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