Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Revisited Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang, Malaysia

All thanks to the frolicking of social media and its ease of use, I noticed the trend of sharing information between people has shifted from blogosphere to Facebook and Twitters. Admittedly, I too has been part of the paradigm shift recently whereby I posted up photos soon after the photo shootings. The ease of sharing and with the almost immediate responses from your friends are simply amazing.

However, nothing beats the blog that enable you to share your artworks with the public and searchable through Google, right? I reckon it still has its magic.

Anyway, I made a quick trip to Penang island recently and re-shot the beach photos as I reckon I can improve the outcome of the shooting result. AND here they are! You may compare it with the first result I had, shot in about 2 years ago. Enjoy!


Sunset Shot – White Balance set at daylight and F16. Loving the warmth of this shot!


Lomo effect of Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang. Added Provia film effect. Especially for the lomo lovers out there!


Peaceful reading by the sea.