Monday, 12 March 2012

Kuala Lumpur Mid Valley, The Garden, One Utama

Unlike in Europe, Malaysian people love to throng air-conditioned shopping malls to spend their weekends rather than lying around in the parks or garden under the scorching hot sun.
It is forgivable though as myself tried to stay true to my “outdoor” loving culture but ended up having sunburns. People just prefer to stay comfortable in the temperature controlled malls while shopping, sipping away their coffees and tucking in their cakes.
Sadly, by confining one self in those so called mega malls does has its down sides especially on the landscape and nature photography skills. There are no more natural tree lines that makes up a perfect perspective and leads the viewers eyes to the main subject, there are no more eye soothing greeneries or snow capped plants to be shot…

I have to admit that shooting indoor while trying to find inspiration is a different ball game for me. It is not as easy as I have to overcome many obstacles: it is very hard to manipulate the play of lights, inadequate lighting, monotonous stores layout etc.
DSC05230 (2)
But somehow, after several trials. I finally got a few satisfactory photos… Let me know whether you likes them and ways to improve the skills. Cheers! Smile

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