Monday, 10 October 2011

University of Nottingham Trent Building, Nottingham Science Park building.

While I was scrambling though the photograph albums in my portable hard drive, I stumbled upon some very nice photos that I can’t remember shared on the net before.

Well I would love to share this photos with you, on this website right now.

I remember taking this test shot with my new canon G10 in late September 2009. It was a breezy late afternoon near the Highfield Park, Dunkirk, Nottingham. The lake side is by far my most favourite spot to test shoot cameras or shooting techniques. If you happen to study in Nottingham or have a chance to pay a visit to this lovely city, please take a stroll in this Nottingham best kept secret and enjoy the serenity of this place. During the spring season, the full bloom of the cherry blossoms trees is a sight to behold and should not be missed.

I took a few shoots of this phenomenon and will share it here once I found those photos in my hard drive. It is currently well hidden away. haha.

Another superbly nice place to test your shooting skill in Nottingham would be the newly developed Nottingham Science Park. Situated just right across the Highfield Park, it offers numerous photo opportunities with its uniquely designed and painted buildings. Just make sure you inform the security personnel here beforehand to avoid any unwanted attentions and interrogation.

I hope you enjoy this light reading friendly post for this Sunday. I’ll be back with more photos to showcase. Smile